Mentorship at FEA

Our Founder Puneet Singh Singhal recently finished his first batch of mentoring young and talented college going students. The students were full of energy and potential; all they need little guidance and attention. The Weekly meets were full of interaction on topics like communication, career decisions, studies, family and mental health.

FEA Students


I feel blessed to have Puneet as my mentor. Every session, I attended with him was commendable. At the same time, I got the answer of every question that I had always wanted to know. Whether it is about how to say no to anyone or how to avoid people who waste my time . He has shown me the right way of dealing with such situations where I was struggling a lot. Once again thank very much for being so supportive.
Such people are rarely found, who are what they say. And that person is Puneet. I met Puneet for the first time in the FEA mentorship program. And since then I started observing them. During the program, he answered many questions very well. After listening and observing them for a long time, I became clear that Puneet is really a clean hearted and passionate person. It was a pleasure meeting Puneet.